Blood oxygen monitoring
Blood oxygen saturation (Spo2) is the percentage of the combined volume of oxygen and hemoglobin in the blood to the total hemoglobin volume, that is, the concentration of blood oxygen in the blood. The blood oxygen sensor intelligently measures blood oxygen saturation (Sp02) using light beam measurement to detect blood oxygen value with you, and grasp the changes of your body.
Heart rate monitoring
Imported sensor with intelligent Al algorithm, direct sensing of blood oxygen flow under the skin through LED beam and photoelectric components, accurate detection and calculation of heart rate changes, combined with your exercise needs, select the appropriate exercise program, so that you can achieve scientific and effective exercise.
Stress monitoring
Through the analysis of heart rate variability, it can effectively realize 7*24 hours of stress monitoring, and take care of your physical and mental health around the clock. Breathing training can help you effectively release stress and make life easier and more pleasant.
14 exercise modes, more choices for exercise
Running, swimming, yoga, fitness and other sports modes to meet your daily exercise needs
Sleep monitoring

Are you still worried about the quality of your sleep?

ID155 will help you accurately detect your sleep status, record the time of falling asleep and waking up, and analyze the quality of sleep.

Women's health

Calculate the menstrual period and ovulation period according to the records, so you can deal with it calmly.

Menstrual management or pregnancy preparation can help you better understand the level of physical health.

Smart reminder

A variety of smart reminders, you can see it right away.Support SMS, WeChat and other information reminders, you don’t need to be online all the time when you are away from your mobile phone. There are also goal achievement reminders, sedentary reminders, drinking water reminders, etc., tailored to your health.

100+ dials for you to choose

Support cloud watch face and custom watch face,

fashion, business, cute pet, warm and other styles of dials,

It's up to you.

100 + Watch faces

Customizable Watch Faces

VeryFit Health management platform
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