To be more FashionID152

Freedom, Health

0.96'' TFT-LCD color screen

7-days Standby time


Data is visible in real time

Daily exercise monitoring,

including steps, calories burning,

distance, activity duration

and exerciseduration throughout the day.

Explore your potential,

be the best version of yourself

Professional sport's partner

Make every steps of your progress visible,

All-round health management

Heart rate monitoring

including heart rate data (resting heart rateand exercise heart rate)

heart rate reminder (support setting the highest and lowest reminds in app)


Scientific sleep analysis

Sleep monitoring, including time of falling asleep and

waking up, total sleep time, deep sleep and light sleep situation,

waking times at night and sleep phase map

Just lift your wrist to lock the happy hour

Simply lift your wrist or rotate your bracelet to take a picture,

controlling the camera function of cellphone.


Let you not miss a little thing

Multiple reminding functions,:

including calling, information,

sedentary, alarm clock and goal achievement.

Self-develop algorithm

Support app of VeryfitPlus & VeryfitPro